Posted by: Rose | 25 August 2011

Lewis Update

He does have epilepsy, but this is good news since seizures can be the result of poisonings or brain tumors. He’ll have to be on medication for the rest of his life (thank God for pet insurance!) but I can see a lot of positive changes in him. He used to whine a lot and never played much. We could take out toys for him and try our best to play, but he never wanted them. We would give him plenty of time to play with our other dogs, but that was also a no-go. Sometimes he would sit on bathroom tile and whimper. We would love on him, but he would still be whimpering.

He takes two medications, twice a day. He broke out of the kitchen window to go play with Athena and Sugar. (We don’t condone the breaking out of windows, but it was nice to see that he wanted to engage with his friends.) He doesn’t whine nearly as often and loves his toys. We think he was in pain which is why he was whining and sleeping all day. He’s still a calm dog for the most part, but I love that he is willing to get up and move.

Our pet insurance would have covered cancer treatments, but I can’t even imagine going through that journey with him. I would have, of course, but I’m so glad he doesn’t have to go through that.



  1. So glad hes doing better. Poor baby!!

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